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Acquaviva Suite is in Marittima, part of Diso, near Lecce. We are in Southern Salento, on the Adriatic coast of Puglia: on the northern side there is Otranto, on the southern side there is Leuca. In the centre, a sunkissed land, bathed by a beautiful sea. Marittima, which is named after the blue sea, is a quiet paraidse: you will be welcomed by the birds chirping, the scent of the Mediterranean scrub, the sound of the backwash, the color of the olive trees and the rustling of the pine forests by the sea. The residential area is 50 meters away from the town square, at the back of the church dedicated to San Vitale. Nearby there are shops, amenities and bars.

THE CLOSEST BEACH: ACQUAVIVA BAY, a Norwegian fjord in Salento

A place that is as magnificent as is unexpected, that opens between two rocky wings, protected by the crags and ravines of the Adriatic coast. Acquaviva bay is a natural fjord, protected by the currents of air, that recalls the inlets in the Norwegian coast. Its water is cold and amazingly transparent. This area is awarded with the 5 Vele Legambiente flag. This is a bay with pebbles, bathed by the sea that slowly becomes deeper. On the sides, a panoramic cliff with smooth rocks where you can sunbathe or plunge into the sea. By the coast there are a parking area and a bar, so the guests can drink a coffee on ice (typical of Salento) while looking at the sea. Acquaviva Bay is 2 kilometers away from Acquaviva Suite in Marittima. You can arrive at the property through the panoramic street by the coast: you will be charmed by its colors, its cobalt view and the typical houses surrounded by rocks. Diving into this clear water is an experience that will regenerate your body and mind. Do you want a piece of advice? Visit it at night, it will be even more magical.

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Grotta Zinzulusa - A cathedral on the sea

Grotta Zinzulusa

It`s one of the ten most important caves in the world and its name already tells part of its history. The "zinzuli", in Salento dialect are cloth scraps: this is what the stalactites and stalagmites look like. They were created by the water erosion which was slow and it started in the prehistoric era. The result is spectacular: in the Zinzulusa cave you will find rocks that look like an eagle, like a sentry or even a nativity scene. The cave is 160 meters long and it`s 5 kilometers away from Marittima. It is possible to reach it from the centre of Castro or by boats in the harbor of Castro Marina. It`s a must see!

The medieval town of Castro - History overhanging the sea


Castro is a big balcony on the sea. It`s 3 kilometers away from Marittima and it`s a medieval town on a panoramic hill. There is a beautiful castle, dating back to the `500, and a cathedral that dates back to 1100, paved streets and a panoramic square that overlooks the sea, with bars ideal for a coffee or a cocktail. It is surrounded by walls with a panoramic view on the sea with olive trees, typical walls and terracing: a marvellous visual impact that is worth seeing during your holiday in Salento.

Grotta Verde di Andrano - Hugged by magic

grotta verde

It`s like feeling out of this world for a few minutes, in a place with vivid and unexpected colors. Grotta Verde is in marina di Andrano, 3 kilometers away from Acquaviva Suite. The protagonist, here, is nature. It subverts the rules and it creates a magical game of mirrors on the sea: the sea is lit up by a cobalt blue, the rocks are green. You can reach it through the panoramic street that leads to Tricase Porto: the cave is in the area La Botte. If you plunge into water, after going down a rocky wall, you`ll get to see the entrance of a cave, like a nest where you`ll feel protected and hugged by magic.

Il Parco delle Querce di Castro - A picnic surrouded by green vegetation


A beautiful protected area, part of the Parco Costiero Regionale Naturale Costa Otranto - Santa Maria di Leuca. If you want to breathe good quality air and the Mediterranean scents, you need to visit this 5-hectar frest in the area of Castro. It is populated by holm oaks, hawthorn, bellflowers, ivy and a rare orchid. And then nightingales, turtledoves, robins, owls and chaffinches. The park has a playground area, equipped picnic areas, a gymnastic path and benches where you can relax in a refreshing silence which is interrupted only by the chirping of the birds and the rustling of the leaves.

Santa Cesarea Terme – Colori d`Oriente


It`s like a big sitting room on the sea, elegant and refined, characterized by eastern shapes that will make you feel like you are in a far away and exotic place. Santa Cesarea Terme is south of Otranto and it dominates the Adriatic coast with its Moorish palaces. The most famous and maybe most beautiful palace is Palazzo Sticchi. At a first glance it will look like a mosque by the sea. Moreover, Santa Cesarea is an important thermal town where you can regenerate your body with some massages, with a seafront promenade with fish restaurants and the burg on the hill with its small streets and stairs characterized by panoramic views that are worth being photographed.

The beach of Porto Miggiano - A corner of paradise

The beach of Porto Miggiano

When talking about Santa Cesarea Terme, the bay Porto Miggiano is worthy of note. White sandy beach, uncontaminated nature and crystal clear sea, so that it`s possible to see its bottom. This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Apulia, thanks to the chromatic contrast of the emerald sea and the white limestone rocks. It`s 6 km away from Acquaviva Suite. It`s reachable through a 100-step staircase with its beautiful panoramic view on the stacks and coast.

Tricase Porto - "The promenade of the gods"

tricase porto

Caves, cliffs and two small harbors, one more ancient than the other, the ideal place to start exploring the area of Leuca by boat. Tricase Porto is a lovely seaside location, awarded by Legambiente for its beautiful sea. The coast is rocky and shallow, with a beautiful bay with sandy beach and crystal clear sea: a true gem. Moreover, it`s near the historic town of Tricase, with its beautiful old town centre studded with palaces and cortyard that will make you travel through time.